Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Party for 2!

Our twin grand-babies Ethan & Charlotte turned one this week! Ethan is calm, patient & stoic. He has the sweetest demeanor and leaves you wanting to protect him. He already has a  pretty good aim with a ball and claps after he says daddy:) Charlotte has a cute little smirky smile and sounds like a little fairy when she sighs. She is the busy one of the pair, constantly on the prowl for fun! 

As usual their very talented Mommy created a fabulous party with all the trimmings beginning with adorable outfits. 

Janene embellished the onsies with fabric vinyl letters.
She added trim to Charlotte's onsie & leg warmers. She also made the tutu & hairbow.
Charlotte hated the tutu...which made the cake smash photo shoot a bit unhappy:)
The party decorations were festive & sparkly with paper pinwheels, balloons, and a table full of treats in Christmas colors.

Every month the babies had a photo shoot. What a fun photo timeline!
This would be great for an anniversary party.

Party hats were made from card stock & pom-poms.
The #1 was a plain wooden number covered with glitter
and glued to a skewer. 
The birthday babies were absolutely adorable from an obviously unbiased opinion:) They probably wouldn't have chosen to wear birthday hats & definitely preferred chocolate cake over the lemon. 

Big sister Savannah couldn't wait to poke that cake!

What a happy celebration! Life is precious, babies are a gift, and families well....
they are tons of work but the rewards are truly great.
As a side note...This little family will always have a busy Christmas week because in a few days Savannah turns 3. I bet there will be some summer time half birthdays in the future!

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