Thursday, December 4, 2014

Texas is Home

I embraced my braggy Texan side a long time ago:) and am spreading that mantra with Christmas cheer and these "Texas Home" boards!



I am now working on my second dozen! We have piles of scrap wood from our Nellie's expansion which I have saved several times from the burn pile..hubby isn't a crafty hoarder:).   These boards are cedar fence pickets about 19" long. The chipboard Texas came from Heart of Texas studio, a scrapbooking company. The cardstock is from Glitz Design. The letters are vinyl. I made these for our staff at Heart of Texas fitting:) We had our Christmas party at Nellie's Cottage of course! Can you believe I forgot to take pictures at the party! Me, of all people!

Tips for putting these together:
*Use loads of glue, putting it on chipboard instead of the paper.

*Spray the Texas with an acrylic sealer.
*Put photo hanger on back before hot gluing Texas.

*Recruit the family at crunch time!

*Leave the kitchen a mess till in the will still be there:)

*Give with joy:)

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