Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flowers boxes...amping up the charm:)

My Mr. Nellie's Cottage is the best! I can literally have a idea, tell him what I want, and he can build it in a jiffy! Window boxes have been on my wish list for ages, and this was the week. Anytime I am hosting an event at my house or the cottage the wish list becomes the "how much can we get done this week" list:) Michael measured the windows, picked up some cedar fence pickets and away he went!

In the interest of no extra weight, no bugs, no rot, no watering, and no fuss...I chose silk flowers. 
Two different kinds of greenery became the design anchor for the flowers which I will change out seasonally. 

Michael & I could not believe the difference. The charm of the cottage is now indisputable!
Well at least I think so:)

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