Saturday, January 17, 2015

San Jacinto Biscuits

We serve these at the cottage with my homemade raspberry freezer jam!
As I was rolling these biscuits this morning I explained to Michael that you mustn't over handle the dough or the biscuits would be tough. I further explained that southern women who love to bake take great pride in a perfect biscuit! He replied "So then all of your self worth is tied to a biscuit?" MEN! I calmly replied no but it would have been more important back in Nellie's time when the homemaking arts were more valued. This was all said to a British man who doesn't really appreciate & love southern biscuits, so I was really just throwing my biscuits at the wall - so to speak;) Anyway here is a Texan recipe from the Monument Inn by our famous San Jacinto monument, which by the way is taller than the Washington monument:) We really are insufferable... aren't we?! There was a great battle over Texas fought there and as you see won! 

My favorite recipe book is the one in my mom's handwriting!
Couple of biscuit tips:
Do not over handle the dough
Roll dough about 3/4-1 inch thick
Option-Use half shortening and half butter
Our baking preference is only 9-10 min, slightly golden

 p.s. Left over biscuits are super delicious in the toaster, so don't be afraid of making too many:)

p.p.s. Enjoy this post about Nellie's magical biscuit bowl!


  1. Those San Jacinto Inn biscuits were pretty great, and I'm sure yours are too.

  2. Thanks! All good southern women should have a wardrobe of biscuit recipes!