Sunday, February 1, 2015

Celebrating 5 years...the Wonderland event!

The snowflakes were hung...

the cookies were baked...
Michael made snickerdoodles, & chocolate chip cookies

the hot chocolate was extra chocolatey...
Mari is my fabulous go-to girl! I told her to double the chocolate!

the chairs had covers and bows...

the beds were all made...
(featuring 2 of the rooms at Flossy's)

The Savannah Charlotte

The Brittany Danielle

 Nellie's upstairs loft...

Some of Nellie's things were on display...

AND.... after a whirlwind week of flower boxes, landscaping, and baking we were ready to open the doors for our Wonderland of Memories! 

Family and friends came through the doors with big smiles and congratulations.

My Mom and Stepdad Earl were the most important guests:)
Mom (Martha) is Nellie's & Albert's 4th child and youngest daughter.

We had door prizes...4 aprons, 4 cookbooks, 2 cookie mixes, 2 massage certificates from Farah, and 2 $20 certificates to Comtex wireless from Misty.

My grand prize was donated by my friend and cousin, Cathy, who owns Cathy Cook jewelry. It was a pandora charm reminiscent of the cottage:) Hazel Hall (on the right-pic below) won the charm. She was part of the very first retreat group at Nellie's Cottage in 2010! 

I was bit emotional all day thinking about the journey to become Nellie's Cottage.
Just a glance at the picture of the house as it was sent my heart racing and I could feel the ache of those long hours of physical labor in my bones:)

This is where we began....2009, I bought the property 20 years after my grandparents were gone. The house was in sad shape...but I could see it as it could be and so the demolition began...which is a whole other story!

And...after 9 long months here was the first look at a newly renovated Nellie's Cottage!

Last year, 2014 we completed my new room Kimberly's and the renovation of  the cottage next door, Flossy's (Nellie's sister's home)

Flossy's cottage sleeps 16

Kimberly's is our new large project room

Whew...I am tired just looking at these pictures! It has been a privilege bringing Nellie's home back to life. One of the things I said on my blog in the beginning was that I am a lucky girl..and so I am!

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  1. Sure hate we missed this...hopefully we will make it to your 10 Year😊