Saturday, March 14, 2015

Banish the brass!

Okay I admit it.....I really loved the shiny brass of the 90's.

Now, not so much. This mirror was a gift from my mom when we built our house in 1996. It was perfect for my guest bathroom. Banished upstairs awhile ago it has had a proper make over & now resides in my "Dream" guest bedroom. All it took was some elbow grease (barely!) & a bit of Gilder's paste, a fabulous clay based rub for just such makeovers! It only took ten minutes of dry brushing, waiting to dry, then a quick polish to a sheen. This product which is super thick like shoe polish comes in all sorts of lovely colors, this one is called patina. 

I am super happy with the result and find myself on the prowl for more 90's brass to banish!

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