Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blueberry picking - home style album

Blueberry picking has become in the space of 3 years a Crossley tradition. We get a phone call a few days before a weekend in May. The professional pickers are gone and family and friends are invited for a weekend on the farm. My friend Susan has included our family in this circle:) It is usually hot and sticky but we love it anyway! The blueberries we pick are then frozen and rationed throughout the year for our table and Nellie's Cottage breakfast!

I have a method to my album design madness and wanted to share my process...
Firstly I believe in "One event/One design scrapbooking. Not for everything but for most things. This means I choose a page design for the event and replicate that same design on each page. My blueberry album (yes I have one because this is a continuing family tradition!) will have the years in chronological order with each year having a different layout design.
In the design process the order of my steps may change but my process is still the same. This is how this particular album evolved as I thought of the design.
First...I look at the pictures and choose the color scheme based on clothing or background. This mini paper stack was perfect!

Second...With my new circuit explorer I am discovering the joys of a huge image base. These blueberries & buckets caught my eye and the cutting began. Borders are a big design staple for me and this Martha Stewart punch added some fancy to my homey design. I estimate how many to cut based on number of pages averaging 3 pictures per page... add a couple to that estimate. I usually have more than enough. Leftovers go in the themed file for another layout!

Third...I have become more crop happy and less afraid of losing an inch or two. My favorite picture  size is 4x4. It is a good idea to make sure you aren't cropping out important background elements that help tell the story.

Fourth...The background was a hard decision. I wanted white to brighten the layout but needed a top piece which became garden green. I inked the edges of the white. I pulled out my old design scissors for the green and inked those edges as well.

Fifth...There were too many pattern I loved in this collection so I decided to "quilt" my background which went perfectly with the homey look I wanted for these layouts. The corners were rounded on each 6x6 and then cut in half. 

Sixth...I am typically partial to mats, especially for a more traditional look. The pictures are laid out on the background and if I think something is missing...a "matting" we will go! Thrifty to the bone, I always punch something out of the middle of each mat. I have a nice collection of paper embellishments, journaling circles, etc. ready to go.

Seventh...even though I already put the pictures in a stack according to order I always lay them out on my bed to make sure I have the best order for telling the story.

Eighth.. After all of the elements are ready and in assembly line style the pictures go on all of the pages first, then the embellishments follow. I am partial to 3M mounting tape for adding dimension. Tiny details like buttons will go on last.

This is a vintage blueberry from Flossy's sewing stash!

The title background is packaging from Prima flowers...I am a scrapbooking hoarder:)

Ninth...after the album is done I take pictures of the album on the back porch. This is faster than scanning-which is what I used to do. I simply want to have a digital copy of my albums for security, printing later for my children, and blogging:)

In 2013 we went late in the day and had a glorious sunset! 
I didn't take many pictures because it got dark and I am not camera smart enough to change the settings. Probably should read "Photography for dummy's"....:)

2012...Our first year, just me & Danielle. As usually no photographic evidence that I exist...working on that!

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