Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gardening with the blondies in only 17 steps!

I remember my Papa Geldard's garden. Rows & rows of beans, peas, & potatoes. Nellie canned everything they didn't give away. I can still hear the snap, snap of beans we "snapped" on their front porch when I was a girl.
I feel like it is my duty & right as their grandaughter & quite determined to succeed at this gardening thing! 
Brittany & I along with some adorable blondies spent a couple of days planning & planting our garden:) We cheated with plants instead of seeds, and miracle grow garden soil...Papa Geldard didn't have it so easy!

Step 1-buy dirt.
Step 2- stop at the end of the driveway and let the blondies ride on the trailer:)
Step 3 (not to do)- try and back up the heavy trailer so you can surprise hubby with
your independence, instead get hopelessly stuck on the very wet yard.
Step 3 stomp the dirt:)
Step 4-"I do it! I do it!"
Step 5-re-arange the plants in the wheelbarrow
Step 6 (optional)-get Hubby to whip out the big green tractor
and rescue suburban from yard.
Step 7, 8 & 9-bathe children until clean, this may take awhile!

Step 10-make sure almost 2 year old has plastic tools instead of metal:)
Step 11-save baby tomato plant from avalanche of dirt by well meaning almost 2 year old!
Step 11-save baby tomato plant from drowning with its first watering.
Step 12-"Look Grammie, I'm safe from the squirrels"...
which is more than the veggies may be able to say...
Step 12-"I want our garden to look like that!"...
Try and explain photo shopping and false advertising to a 4 year old.
Step 13-stand back and smile at the new dirt and hopeful green plants.
Step 14-Lecture your pregnant daughter on the dangers of over working in the garden
because she insists on playing with the tiller.
Step 15-Endure a smart comment from the son-in-law
(who thinks we will fail and who only unloaded some dirt)
"Well that looks Pinteresting"

Step 16-convince hubby to build another pallet "easel" after you took up his valuable time rescuing the suburban and because you bought too many strawberries...

Step 17.....figure out which ant killer is safe for the garden because all of the ants in the county live here and until you figure out the cure you cannot get the 5th bed planted because an ant hill the size of the superdome is preventing you from being DONE!

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