Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Cinderella effect

Annabelle is 4. She thinks she is a princess. She has a charmed life with really great parents, fabulous grandparents:), a Sunday school teacher that understands her need to be in charge, a preschool she loves, ballet class, and all the amenities in life a 4 year old little girl could want.
She is on a good behavior program with earned puff balls, which lead to a sparkly ticket which buys her a date with Mom or Dad or Grammie or Grandad. Today she was accompanied by the 3 people who secretly wanted to see Cinderella with or without her:)
   As I watched this timeless story I felt myself transported back to my experience seeing the original animated Disney version as a child. I got teary when the stepsisters made fun of her, I cried when the stepmother and sisters tore her dress before the ball. I re-imagined what it would feel like to walk into the ball in such a beautiful dress.... still would really like a fairly godmother:) It is safe to say I really became immersed in this new movie!
   The Cinderella immersion led me to thinking about how little girls feel about themselves as they twirl around our homes in costume. Once upon a time that was me. I believe it is most little girls who come from homes where they are loved and allowed to dream.
   I have a wish for my 4 little granddaughters Annabelle & Scarlett, Savannah & Charlotte and our 5th, Madeline joining our family mid August!

Annabelle at her princess birthday party!

Savannah flits around as Tinkerbell, 
alternating with her Elsa gown:)

Scarlett dresses up with big sister 
mostly in charge of costumes:)

Charlotte makes a sweet Tiger Lily princess

   I want these precious girls to find a prince, one who is kind, hard working, steady, and opens doors (My dad was big on that!) I hope they feel beautiful even in ordinary clothes because they are kind and courageous, as this movie so beautifully portrayed in the promise Cinderella made to her mother. I pray that these little girls will be respected as women, that they will dream and achieve their dreams. I hope they will feel like a princess because they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.
   My hopes for them echo the hopes of mother's everywhere who can remember what it felt like to believe they were a princess....before life got in the way, struggles came, and people were unkind.
Watching this movie gave me back a bit of my "princess" dreams. A hope for the future because for once Hollywood mentioned kindness and courage as the basis of a good life.
   As I am writing this it occurred to me that I am still a little princess inside and that I did find my prince who is everything this little girl hoped for. These thoughts have consumed me and so I named them the "Cinderella phenomenon".....thank goodness I can still believe in fairy godmothers, glass slippers, and twirling in big fancy dresses!

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