Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just a few seconds

My new car has it's first dent. Wish I could remember when my body got it's first dent:) Too many "wrecks" now to count! 

Anyway...I was headed to an appointment cruising down Hwy 12, pleased to see the light was green and I didn't have to stop. As I am looking to the intersection I see a van pulling across the lanes to turn right in front of me! Slammed on the brakes and make a split second decision to try and "turn" with the guy. Any other option involved more cars. This big puppy weighs about 3 tons so into the van I went. I was mad! The guy got out and said he saw the green light going straight and just went with it. He freely admitted running a red light. Police came, reports taken, insurance called....time used. I was mad! 
Finally made it home and stated remembering the chain of events beginning with pulling out of my driveway. We are on a state highway with the speed limit marked as 75. Would love to give a tongue lashing to whoever made that decision! Normally I pull out first chance I get on to the shoulder. Today I waited a bit longer on some cars in the distance. That probably save my life. Those extra seconds I waited pulling out of my driveway kept me from a head on collision with the "running a red light guy"......I was no longer mad. I was grateful to be here. Glad my brakes were new, glad no other cars were hit, glad I was the only one in the car, glad the offender had insurance, super glad it ended up being a only fender bender, glad I know a great place to fix my car......
Mad then glad, then grateful and humble. 
Perspective is so important. 
Fenders can be mended. Life can't be reclaimed. 
From mad to grateful...probably should spend more time here:)

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