Friday, April 24, 2015

Our last college graduate!

Life is full of benchmarks, beginnings and endings. I remember when graduating all of our children from college was a distant dream that seemed so very far away... buried beneath Dr. Seuss books, piles of laundry, parent pick up lines, sports tournaments, and curfews. Today was a landmark, a benchmark of our journey as parents. It was a proud moment, a poignant moment, and for me a teary moment. My youngest, beautiful baby girl walked across the stage as our fourth and final college graduate.

Every time I attend any graduation I think of my dad who graduated after 5 years of full time night classes, full time shift work, and the responsibilities of a wife and four children. He was the only one of the ten children in his family to graduate. I often think about his sacrifice, drive and commitment to reach his goal. I have told my children his story many times and it worked:) 
Even though he has been gone for 26 years, today I know he was with us in spirit as we celebrated Danielle's accomplishment. She graduated in the college of Life Sciences, in Health and Wellness. She has plans continue her education by applying to PA school. 
   The lighter side of this "landmark" is the high five's Michael and I gave each other for our tuition-less future:) Still... having college age children has been inspiring, there is such hope in young minds willing to learn, there is such fun in the way they see the world, and there is comfort in the future of our children.
The end of an era for us as parents...the sadness passes as we figure out how we will spend the "tuition money"...!!!

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