Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Scarlett's "Up" party!

Me "Scarlett, how old are you?"
Scarlett "2!.....Gambie..old"
Some days it feels true, some days not as true:)

Someone's daddy aka son-in-law Travis thought that would be a fun thing to teach my grand baby! Obviously it was or I wouldn't have shared it on all forms of social media:)

To celebrate Scarlett's birthday Brittany put together a party from the Disney movie "Up"...as far as two year olds are concerned it is about a house and balloons! The original idea was to fill the trampoline with balloons for the main party activity however the weather had other plans. Luckily the cottage was available! Party preparations were a breeze with all the Tolman family here visiting. 

We began with a chipboard house and cookies which turned into a really cute birthday "cake". Brittany's sugar cookies with almond butter icing are addicting!

Brittany chose a house with a whimsical feel from cricut design space
and I set to work cutting a chipboard base for dimension.
To create this multi colored house, 2 or 3 colors of each layer were cut.
The bigger pieces like the house were cut in two so purple and blue would both be used. 

A canvas board covered with butcher paper became the base.
The house was adhered, cookies carefully placed and then ballon strings were "drawn "with icing.

Party prep was more like the party with Daddy & the uncles having
 ballon blowing contests and other assorted activities:)

My scrapbook tables found another use as the ballon corral:)
Aunt Trinsica helped make the grape "ballon" skewers

Black olives joined the party because they are one of Scarlett's favorites-yuk!
Donut holes on colorful paper straws added another fun "ballon" element.

Colorful circles sewn together by one of Brittany's friend added a festive touch!
These were rescued from the trash...thrifty or hoarding?:)
The little blue house was "built" by another friend for another event.
Brittany saved it from demolition (like the movie!) and months later
 it became the party center piece. 
Keeping the donuts safe till the party started was quite a challenge!

Brittany & her creation! She baked a cookie sheet filled with dough and
then cut with an egg shaped cookie cutter for perfect balloons.

Added to the party snacks were mini corn dogs and french fries...a Scarlett favorite

Pre-party pictures...with the bow:)

This child has more fun than anyone I know!

Tolman uncles and Grandad

Brittany had the idea for guests to create a ballon thumbprint 
on a page for Scarlett's scrapbook. 

Scarlett figured out presents! She wasn't as sure about the cash:)

Happy Birthday to you..... The Tolmans, who all have beautiful voices, have a funny tradition...
they sing happy birthday in the worst possible way!

Scarlett on her new picnic table from Grammie & Grandad!

After the party was over...
Me-"Scarlett did you have a fun party?"
Scarlett-"Yeah...do it again!"

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