Thursday, May 21, 2015

Make your own sunshine!

You know those days that are less than sunny, when everything is annoying at best and unbearable at worst? This is the product of a few of those days. I began soothing the "storm" by glittering everything I could find:) As I glittered I came across these chipboard and wooden scalloped circles in my stash. An idea was born! One canvas, chalk paint, ribbon, a cricut session, and a whole lot of glitter later this is my stormy day reminder to be my own sunshine. My craft room decor is colorful and whimsical which is perfect for this piece of gloomy day banishing art work!

I began with blue chalk paint on a 16x20 canvas. Next 3 different colors of blue ink were layered with my favorite flourish stamp.

Wooden & chipboard circles were covered with wash tape.

Wooden scalloped circles from a FabScraps kit were covered in sunshine colored glitter.

These fun orange circles were covered in orange ink, then topped with crystal lacquer giving them a wet look finish.

 The largest circle became the anchor for laying out the ribbon in "rays" around 3 sides of the circle.

If I was doing this again, I would use hot glue for instant dry time. It was hard to wait for the tacky glue to dry so the project could be completed!

A piece of copper cardstock became the center and base of the sun.

The most fun part of this project was creating the sun with the glitter, washi tape and lacquer circles:) I laid them out, took a picture, and then was able to put the sun back together fairly close to the preview, glueing each piece as it was placed. Again I would use a glue gun instead of tacky adhesive for an instant bond.

The ribbon was originally glued on the back, however it wasn't tight enough to the canvas so I peeled it off the back and stapled each piece...must better option!

Pinterest was searched for a sunshine quote that spoke to my heart...this was the winner! Thanks to my circuit design space I was able to cut all of these words at once. Lay the words out before adhering...always a good idea! The letters and words were run through my Xyron adhesive machine, adhered to the canvas and then covered with artist matte medium, which is better than mod-podge.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Annabelle's slumber party agenda

Annabelle who is 4 1/2 decided that she was going to have a slumber party with me at my house! When Annabelle decides anything we follow suit:) She showed up promptly at 5 pm, scrubbed clean in her jammies with her bag packed, a bowl of popcorn, and a smile as big as Texas. Her excitement was so powerful it filled my house! 
She had an AGENDA!... a whole list of fun things that we were going to do!

Annabelle's list of fun thing to do at our slumber party:

1. Do a craft with glitter (glitter non-negotiable)
Soda bottle, double sided tape, glitter...easy!
2. Pillow fight... I must admit I was dreading this a bit, thinking it would last forever. It actually lasted less than 5 minutes. We had fun running around, hiding around corners, bracing for pillow hits. I have a renewed love of pillow fights:)

3. Watch Strawberry Shortcake and eat popcorn. Yes, I really did watch the movie:)

4. Paint fingernails 3 coats of pink because after the first 2 coats, she found a pink she liked better:-}

5. Play house with babies. Annabelle informed me..."I packed 2 babies, 2 blankets, 2 bottles, and 2 burp cloths" 
We fed our babies, burped them, sang to them and them put them to bed.

6. Read books. I have a "Grammie's library" which is really just a shelf in an upstairs guest bedroom.
Annabelle officially checks out books, and I officially write her name in these books which belonged to my children:)
This was a night to remember. We so often think our children and grandchildren will take up too much time. Each activity I did with Annabelle only took a few minutes. This 2 hours was the highlight of my week, I fulfilled a precious little girl's slumber party wish, what more should I be doing with my time? The cute quote of the night..."Grammie, I have been thinking about adventures and I think that this sleep over is an adventure!"
Time is what they want....5 minutes of glitter crafting, 5 minutes of pillow fight, 5 minutes to paint nails, 45 minutes to cuddle and watch a movie, 5 minutes to play house, 15 minutes to read books, 30 minutes to sing my angel to sleep....time well spent.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Queens and angel's wings

A couple of weeks ago I went on a "glitter blitz" rounding up every single chipboard embellishment I could find in my scrapbook stash! My favorite were these angel wings & crowns from a grunge board set by Tim Holtz. An idea began to spark about something I could create for my girls for Mother's Day.

I used Tim Holtz distressed glitter, which I absolutely am in love with! The distressed glitter has both a glittery and a velvety finish. The angel wings are done in pumice stone, the crowns in either tarnished brass or antique linen. I keep shopping for more distressed glitter :-) 
While I was a glittering the wings and the crowns I started thinking about Mother's Day, angels and queens. I searched online for quotes that could include both queens and angels but couldn't find what was in my heart, so I began to jot down ideas as they came to my mind. I sent them to my girls to see what they thought and they each picked a favorite quote. 

On with the project...
Hubby was recruited to paint my canvas boards a metallic antique gold. I then used Stays On metallic silver ink and my favorite large scroll stamp to create a more interesting background. 

A happy design accident occurred when the wings curled a bit with the glue. I am a big fan of dimension! A sharpie was used to write the quotes...yes in my own imperfect handwriting! You should try it sometime. The most precious writings I have are from my dad and grandmother Nellie who are no longer with us..maybe someday my writing will be as valuable:)

These are my sayings...

I really want my young mothers to REALLY know that being a mother is more important than being a queen. Being a queen means leading with confidence, however the most beloved queens in history were also kind, compassionate and caring. Mothering is hard, sometimes thankless, and certainly not applauded by the world. 
Looking back on the years with our children in my care I know that some days I was only a queen...even a bit of a wicked queen. I do hope they can remember those times was when I was an angel. There is a bit of queen and angel in all of us, may we all mother those around us who need mothering because as the song declares..."what the world needs now is love sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just too little of"...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just add legs...a scrapbook furniture re-do

In keeping with my rule to never turn down free furniture...I also rarely get rid of any furniture and only after I am sure there is nothing I can do to remake and re-purpose said furniture. This is one of those pieces. Built by my favorite uncle and given to me as a wedding gift in 1982, this chest was originally stained 80's colonial brown. It has held everything from blankets to paint ball guns! My daughter in law Janene painted it black with distressed edges in 2011 which was a major update! 

True to my ever decorating form... I saw a new vision for this piece when I began pulling together my scrapbook space which is in my bedroom. First, I wanted the chest raised for easier access. Rummaging around in my scrap wood pile yielded these spindles taken out of a previous house entry way...remember the 70's half wall/spindle thing? Michael cut them in half for the perfect height, for me that is:)

Metallic antique gold paint was the perfect color for my decor. I wanted the piece to blend in rather than be a focal point. It took 3 coats to cover the black. I should have sanded between the coats, but being impatient to be done I declined. Caution: this leads to less than a smooth surface!

Feeling a bit fancy I added pearl flourishes on the corners, straight from the scrapbook isle at Hobby Lobby! A coat of modpodge went over them after they fell off a few times.

I am pleased with the result. It blends into the curtain backdrop perfectly. The "new" piece houses scrapbook kits and albums in the making. It also serves as a cricut station.

These french doors are never used which adds another "wall' for my scrapbook space.
I am in love with neutral metallics of any description, my bedrooom/scrapbook space is chocolate brown, grey metallic, gold metallic, cream & taupe....a fabulous combination, calm and classy!