Monday, August 10, 2015

My lovely scrap space

I have a confession. I actually have a craft room upstairs.
So why do I have my scrapbooking space in my bedroom?
 Simple, because I love my bedroom!
I love the chocolate brown walls.
I love my cream and taupe embroidered draperies.
I love my metallic pillows.
I love the vintage gold trim on my lampshades.
I love the morning light streaming through my windows.
I love hearing the sound of the pool fountain just outside my windows.
That is why my scrapbook space is in my bedroom! I am a decorator at heart, partially through an interior design degree soooooooo my scrapbook space NEEDED to blend into the decor of my bedroom!

The next few pictures are a sweep of my space from left to right.

We lived in our house about 8 years before I decided on curtains! These were a black Friday find from JC Penny. The rocker was a mother's day gift from the hubby when I became a Grammie:)

I confiscated this desk from the hubby's study:) It has good drawer space and I even have a stash hidden under the desk! it was a second hand furniture find many years ago. p.s. hubby has another desk!

The tall dark stained shelves came from my mom, short ones were part of our first ever purchased furniture after school. Originally the 90's colonial brown I painted them to match the tall ones.
The baskets came from here and there collected over time. When I decided to do this I scoured my house for baskets, most of which were spray painted dark brown. The idea was to blend into the background rather than be a focal point in my room.

This bed was a steal at auction in Houston many, many years ago. It is from the Philippines.

Decorating is always about the details....

Reclaimed shelf painted metallic gold, favorite stamps on the shelf, pearl metal monogram and handmade tags hanging on twine.

Old brown dresser inherited from my mom....have plans for painting:)

Glass cake plate taken out of hiding in the tallest kitchen cabinet now on display with washi tape,  and zipper & glitter ribbon...all in colors matching the decor:)

Metal bins from Walmart wrapped with wash tape & vintage gold trim with 
flowers added as a final touch.

Metal & wood suitcases make stylish storage.

Found this cute cabinet at Marshalls but the fatal flaw-too small for anything 12x12...should have measured before I brought it home! I don't think glittery bows are just for Christmas:)

Mercury glass is the perfect accent to contrast all the chocolate brown walls, furniture, and baskets.
Ross and Marshalls are the best places to pick up inexpensive pieces.

An embellished craft cart and chest re-do add more storage for my scrapping stash.
Blog post links on these 2 furniture make-overs!

Craft Cart

Chest Re-do

And there you have it... my lovely & long awaited scrap space!


  1. Love this room!! Inspired by you every post. Thank you!

    1. I am so glad to inspire creativity...I have so many that inspire me! Need your address to send you wash tape!

  2. I can't believe how many ideas you just gave me for my new space!!! Ty!! It's gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you Shawna! Please send me your address and I will send you wash tape:) for commenting on this post!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Nathalia! Your wash tape is on the way:)

  4. I love it Kimberly! I have tried over and over to organize mine so it works and still haven't found a way. Vicki Crile

    1. Vicki, It is trial and error...I am always ere-arranging things! I have your wash tape for when you come to retreat!

  5. Love this room & all the washi tape ♡♡♡♡

  6. I absolutely love your craft room. One day I will be organized....maybe. :)