Sunday, May 17, 2015

Annabelle's slumber party agenda

Annabelle who is 4 1/2 decided that she was going to have a slumber party with me at my house! When Annabelle decides anything we follow suit:) She showed up promptly at 5 pm, scrubbed clean in her jammies with her bag packed, a bowl of popcorn, and a smile as big as Texas. Her excitement was so powerful it filled my house! 
She had an AGENDA!... a whole list of fun things that we were going to do!

Annabelle's list of fun thing to do at our slumber party:

1. Do a craft with glitter (glitter non-negotiable)
Soda bottle, double sided tape, glitter...easy!
2. Pillow fight... I must admit I was dreading this a bit, thinking it would last forever. It actually lasted less than 5 minutes. We had fun running around, hiding around corners, bracing for pillow hits. I have a renewed love of pillow fights:)

3. Watch Strawberry Shortcake and eat popcorn. Yes, I really did watch the movie:)

4. Paint fingernails 3 coats of pink because after the first 2 coats, she found a pink she liked better:-}

5. Play house with babies. Annabelle informed me..."I packed 2 babies, 2 blankets, 2 bottles, and 2 burp cloths" 
We fed our babies, burped them, sang to them and them put them to bed.

6. Read books. I have a "Grammie's library" which is really just a shelf in an upstairs guest bedroom.
Annabelle officially checks out books, and I officially write her name in these books which belonged to my children:)
This was a night to remember. We so often think our children and grandchildren will take up too much time. Each activity I did with Annabelle only took a few minutes. This 2 hours was the highlight of my week, I fulfilled a precious little girl's slumber party wish, what more should I be doing with my time? The cute quote of the night..."Grammie, I have been thinking about adventures and I think that this sleep over is an adventure!"
Time is what they want....5 minutes of glitter crafting, 5 minutes of pillow fight, 5 minutes to paint nails, 45 minutes to cuddle and watch a movie, 5 minutes to play house, 15 minutes to read books, 30 minutes to sing my angel to sleep....time well spent.

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  1. We had the pleasure to meet Kimberly's sweet grand baby girls at Nellie's Retreat. B E A U T I F U L and sweet mannered! I bet they are not spoiled one bit!