Sunday, August 16, 2015

A letter to my granddaughters

Sunday morning normally finds me in church. This Sunday I am keeping 3 week old Madeline while her mommy takes the other two munchkins. I am not sure how much a break that will be as daddy is out of town on business and two year old Scarlett usually manages at least one escape under the pews:) 

Holding this precious new life my eyes are filling with tears of gratitude and my heart is overflowing with love for her as she responds to my voice. My mind is full of thoughts about her and my other granddaughters Annabelle, Scarlett, Savannah and Charlotte. 

Annabelle, Scarlett, & Madeline

Savannah & Charlotte

Dearest Granddaughters,

You cannot know how loved you are. It is something you will not understand until you have little ones of your own. I am your Grammie! Of all the titles and names I have ever been called, this is the one that brings the most easy joy:) I see your innocence and purity and long to be so. The genuine smiles and unfettered happiness you express are a breath of fresh air to my soul. Your delight in the sunshine, wind, doodle bugs, and puppies makes my weary self excited again! This morning I am holding Madeline, but each of you are in my thoughts as I write this letter.

How extraordinarily fortunate you are to have been born in the most privileged, blessed and prosperous nation on the earth! Girls are not so well loved and treasured in many countries. Here in this land we rejoice with the birth of a baby girl. Here you will have the chance to be educated to the highest degree you desire. Doctor, teacher, engineer, business owner...these hold no bars for you as a girl, something many women fought for in years past. Be excellent, be intelligent, be moral, and for heaven's sake have common sense!

Here you can walk freely in your community with your bright smile inspiring others with love, not hidden behind walls of prejudice or the belief that girls are of a lesser worth. The saying that children are to seen and not heard is long banished from our society. Use this liberty with caution and kindness:)

You all have father's who are fiercely in love with you, dedicated to your protection, care and happiness. This is a blessing cannot be measured. The full time attention of your mother's is an advantage. You won't comprehend her sacrifice for many years. Be kind to her:) Many children have mother's who dream of staying home but circumstances do not allow such a luxury.

My hope and dreams for you are just as real as they were for your parents who I love unquestionably. Love is a miracle, it expands and grows with each one that joins our family by marriage, or by birth. I am convinced that the greatest joy I will ever have is within our family. 

Life will not easy. My daddy used to say "Kimberly, life is not fair"...oh how I hated that! It is however, true. Life is mostly what you choose to make of it thrown in with things beyond your control. I promise it will be okay:) 

So my darlings, what will you be? 

The answer is anything you want to do and be is within your scope of life, privilege and love of those who will care for you. This is a blessing of your birthright. In this family we believe in God and in his son Jesus Christ. We believe Christ paid the price for our sins, lived the perfect example and led the way.  So you see, in all ways your path is made as clear, and easy as possible. 

I promise to do my part by loving you unreservedly and unconditionally with lots of treats in my "Grammie jar"! You will never want for pretty dress, babies, glitter crafts, or slumber parties at my house. For me the chance to love you helps me make up for all times I wasn't capable of loving your parents the way I should have, free from distractions...things I thought were important. I was always there and did my best at the time, but now my best is a bit better:)

Darling girls you are so very loved by so many people. Take that love, expand that love and share it with everyone, doing much good in the world around you. This is my wish for you. I love you with all of my always growing, learning and softening heart.                               



  1. Absolutely beautiful. Full of love & an understanding of little girls I hope to remember during difficult moments. Love you!

  2. Beautiful granddaughters. You are so blessed.