Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chocolate dipped strawberry pie

Many years ago, 28 to be exact, this recipe was printed in our local newspaper. My husband, the ultimate chocoholic thought it looked delectable… and so it is :-) This was quite the extravagant expense for our tiny budget so we didn't make one for us, we made one for my OB/GYN and family friend as a thank you for the safe delivery of our second son. 

Through the years I've made it occasionally as a special thank you for someone or as a sweet surprise for Michael. I had actually forgotten about this recipe until this week when we wanted to make something delicious for one of our clinic staff. Michael had not forgotten.  He & Danielle were the co- creators of this beautiful pie. He loves doing the chocolate leaves and dipping the strawberries. 

I provided the recipe the lazy way:) crop and upload, repeat.

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