Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rainy Day scrapbooking

A fair amount of my childhood was spent singing "Rain, rain go away....." Not much has changed in this part of the world but I have learned to enjoy it! The little "natives" do get restless when it goes on for days so ordinary things like bringing in the garbage can with Grandad became something of an  Annabelle adventure. A photo shoot followed...:)

 Pictures are usually around a long time before they end up on a layout so when I saw the umbrellas & boots I knew they would be perfect for these rainy day layouts. A box of Copic markers, glitter paper, and outline stickers go with me on travels to keep my creative self happily working on embellishments for future layouts. I am not an artist, 
but these shading markers make me feel like one:) 

My "One Event/One Design" scrapbook layouts began with a pale blue background and colorful polka dot borders with a Martha Stewart punch.

I ran wash tape on top of the polka dot borders to tame then down a bit for more of a rainy day feel.

Tags are a favorite way to add a title. Outlining the letters in black always adds a punch.

As always with this style of scrapbooking, I build my pages with borders, 
add the pictures, finishing with the embellishments. 

Annabelle was in love with this Disney Song from Jungle Book.
Around the jacuzzi they went in "military style"

Hup two three four
Keep it up two three four
Hup two three four
Keep it up two three four
Hup two three four

Company, sound off! 

Oh, the aim of our patrol
Is a question rather droll
For to march and drill 
Over field and hill
Is a military goal!
Is a military goal! 

I love these pictures of Danielle! She looks like she belongs on the set of "Singing in the rain"

Tip:When I have an odd number of layouts or I want to separate layouts for sequence I like to pair the one page with a fun printed paper. This colorful umbrella paper couldn't have been more perfect!

p.s. Enjoy the story and thoughts behind the pictures from 2012

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