Thursday, September 24, 2015

Connecting, a community in progress

Nellie's Cottage isn't just for scrapbooking or quilting...okay mostly:) 
We do have the occasion business meeting, political open house, 
60th wedding anniversary and a favorite... 
our VBN networking breakfast. 

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I wear many hats like most of you! One of those hats is the VBN, Vidor Business Network. The founder of our networking group is my friend Cathy who is also a cousin from the Geldard family (Albert Geldard built Nellie's Cottage).....Our grandfather's look very similar. 
Cathy & I share a passion for the progress & success of our hometown. We have compassionate charitable & community organizations, successful businesses, a great school district, and a homecoming tradition second to none:) Quarterly, the VBN hosts a breakfast at Nellie's Cottage inviting all business owners, and community leaders. 
Daughter Brittany catered breakfast with homemade caramel glazed pumpkins muffins, homemade sweet potato granola, yogurt and fresh fruit. Her creations make her a favorite with my retreaters!

Jonnie, Mary Ann, me
Danny, Joe, Jay, Shannon
Farah, Holly, Sally, Betty, Misty, Johnnie
Jon, Benjiline, Chris
Mark, Brenda, Carroll
David, Farah

At first glance the picture isn't the best. I almost deleted it...
then I looked again.
The sunshine is streaming through the windows, people are connecting, sharing ideas, getting to know each other better.
In this room... a city councilman, VISD superintendent, Rotary Club president, Lions Club member, Christian Care Center administrator, PR girl for the school district, school board trustee, bank manager, accountant, physician, florist, photographer, lawyer, state trooper, county deputy, realtor, gymnastics & taekwondo instructors, massage therapist, commercial property owner, medical billing specialist, physicians assistant, & business owners. 
I see people who want to make a positive difference.
I see people who really care about those around them.
I see people coming together in a real, unpretentious way.
I see worker bees, volunteers, people who often shelve their own agendas giving of their time freely for the common good.
Most of all I see hope for the future, I see the best of us. 

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