Thursday, September 17, 2015

LOVE to create!

I cannot deny it...I LOVE to create! It is like breathing to me, vital to my happiness and well being. When I am able to snatch a few moments from the responsibilities of life it feels like coming home to a place I feel comfort, an escape from the challenges of daily life, a place of peace. It matters not if it is scrapbooking, sewing, landscaping, baking, or any other creative pursuit. The excitment of the process makes me smile. Each creation is filled with my favorite decisions...color, texture, and taste:)
I truly believe this gift of creation comes from above, inherited from the Creator of life itself. 
"Oh happy day" as the gemstone below declares is my mantra when I am creating!

This particular paper art piece will hang in Nellie's Cottage. The project began with a 12x12 shaped acrylic piece edged with silver ink. Layers of paper, wash tape, lace and a stamped rose border become the background. Words of acrylic & foam "title" the project. Paper, fabric, & sticker flowers, buttons, a crochet heart & rhinestone finish the shabby chic feel. 

Viola...eye candy is born for the paper crafting soul:
Flower on left is from Heidi Grace fabric art line
Words are "thickers" from Amy Tangerine
The acrylic word was edged and backed with silver ink.
I pulled this stamped rose border out of my floral border folder where
it has been waiting patiently to be featured for over 15 years!
Sometimes I create embellishments with no plan:)

The only problem with loving to create is always being
on the prowl for the next creation!:)

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