Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Standing triumphant!

There are some pictures that I love because they show personality and spirit. These are 2 of my favorite for that reason! My granddaughter Savannah was about 4 months old, (2012) and as you can see already had a sense of what she wants! She definitely did not want to be strapped in that bouncer. She much prefered to be vertical with her little legs standing strong, her head held high, and a determined "I am big" air about her tiny little self! I have looked at these photos over and over again, smiling & marveling at the spirit of determination all the babies in my life have exhibited from almost the moment they came to earth:) 

What is it and where does it go?...this drive to progress, stand tall, and move forward. Life has a way of beating us up a bit or sometimes a great deal. Pictures like these give me hope, held me stand a little taller, extend my can do attitude, and bring a renewed sense  of purpose to my life. This little baby "got it" and she didn't even know what she got!  A healthy dose of energetic "I am important and will make a difference in the world" is what she gives me every time I look at her face! I hope she will have many moments when her heart truly does believe she can fly! 
Tiny little people are hard work but they are great teachers, great examples, showing us the way back from the weary trudging of life. If we pay attention the joy of the lesson helps us to stand triumphant once again!

This layout was super fun to create. I began with a pale blue cardstock (a favorite) which I added borders created with a Martha Stewart border punch. Transparent wash tape went on top of the border to tame it down a bit.

A varied collection of flowers from Prima, Maya Road, etc. were grouped together around the pictures.

Inking the edges of a journaling card adds a bit of flair.

This bright pink cardboard came from a Juicy Couture perfume box...it was so cute I couldn't throw it away:) I used blue letters from my sticker stash and outlined them with black.

I have a constant and welcome stream of text pictures sent my way of the grandchildren. 
The Canon Selphy printer is perfect for printing a couple of pictures on the spot for a layout. 

Today after creating this layout I feel a bit taller, happier, and more "ready to go"...thanks Savannah for showing me the way:)
p.s. I also keep singing "I believe I can fly......":) Notice the heart with wings in the top right corner!

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