Sunday, October 4, 2015

A peek at Texas Antiques Week

I was headed to a School Board conference in Austin, passing a few miles by Texas Antiques week in Round Top. It was providence:) Oh my, the miles of tents and beautiful junk. It was fun to see the women shopping in cowboy boots and fringe! I was in creative junk heaven. Ideas of projects to do filled my mind as I wandered through tents manned by "purveyors of junk" as the Junk Gypsy sisters called it. I stopped by the Junk Gypsy headquarters where I saw and talked to Amie Sikes, one of the Junk Gypsy sisters! She was so down to earth as she explained to a customer that they only film their show once a year unlike the Property Brother's who film year round. My life is complete after speaking to a famous HGTV star:)

The pictures below are a few of things I loved and provided inspiration for future projects...
This is a project for hubby:) Pefect for our exam rooms at
our clinic Heart of Texas Family Medicine.
This lady was sewing up a storm right in her booth! This is a favorite southern saying
that covers just about everything in life...usually meant nicely:)
Another hubby project...thinking Christmas decorations for the porch?
Ya'll is home!
 I laughed first, then admired the creativity!
A roadside peak of the miles and miles of antique junk shopping.
These pictures below are my purchases or "finds" as my brother likes to call it:).......

Another hubby project:) Would like this rusty tin Texas mounted
on a pallet piece painted barn red
This metal bird is perfect for my big project room Kimberly's with it's bird themed decor!
My grandmother Nellie collected pitchers... I find myself loving them too!
The lady I bought this from said she had this for 15 years
and it was the first time she put it out, my lucky day:)
This will hang at Nellie's Cottage...not sure where yet???
I loved the turquoise on this Mexican pottery piece. 

I only stayed for an hour & sadly my phone died so my pictures are limited...but I am thinking this is my April 2016 adventure. Texas Antiques Week is October & April in Round Top Texas.

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