Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pink Pirates, homecoming scrapbooking

Small towns in Texas do Homecoming best:) In our small town we really "put on the dog" (Sweet Home Alabama quote!)... Main Street and the exit off of Interstate 10 literally are shut down for 2-3 hours every year on a Friday afternoon in October. Being in the parade is something special! We have sports teams riding 18 wheeler's, cheerleaders in jeeps, sweethearts and beau's in fancy sports cars, marching bands with feathered hats, and even a few clowns. It is one of the events that ties us together, brings back nostalgic feelings about our school years, and creates excitement after a long hot summer. I have been to this parade more years than I can count, a few as a participant, and most as a spectator. Trucks and chairs line up on the parade route days before the event, the most coveted spots go first:)

This was a fun layout to create with "ribbon" like background and glittery pink pirates!
Another One Event/One Design scrapbook victory:)
Daughter Brittany was the Soccer sweetheart in 2006 if you couldn't tell!

Pink pirates...I am now a fan:)

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