Sunday, January 31, 2016

3D hearts on my Valentine tree

Holiday decorating...yes I love it:) When I was a girl I always looked forward to my mom's holiday decorations. She created a festive holiday mood inout home with each poster board heart, plastic cornucopia, and Christmas goodie table. I have carried on the tradition! This is my official holiday display shelf. I have evolved as a holiday decorator through the years moving from scattering things around the house to this condensed bigger impact display. I walk in the door and smile with every holiday vignette:)

While trolling Pinterest I saw some hearts that sparked an idea for 3D valentine ornaments for my wrought iron tree...yes I needed more hearts on my tree:)
 This is the project...

I love Valentines for many reasons. One is the mixing pink and red, which reminds me of the bedspread I had a girl:) It had 70's style flowers and red fringe on the edges, and my sister and I wore them completely out!
Paper crafting projects are more interesting with a variety of papers, most of these are from Anna Griffin, my favorite fancy paper girl.

Next came scoring a line down the middle of the heart for easy folding.

A perfectly scored heart:)

Bakers twine makes a great material for hanging ornaments. I did make a mistake and only used adhesive the first time around. The heart ornaments began to fall of the tree so I used tacky glue the second time around.

Three hearts were paired together for a 3D ornament.

As I took this picture of my Valentine tree I noticed the reflection, the multiplying effect of the hearts.
It came to me that love freely given does the same thing, it reflects over and over again in our lives and the lives of those we love. Valentine decorating isn't just about the display, it is a reminder to me all month long to love not only those in my inner circle, but also those I may not notice at first glance, or those that seem less easy to love. In the words of a song I love "What the world needs now is love sweet love" it's the only thing that there's just too little of..."  

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