Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pallet JOY with my girls!

I was super excited to open my Christmas gift from daughter Brittany and find a gift certificate for a trip to Junkin Gypsies, a local crafty workshop for pallet art. I am always up for creating! We headed out one Saturday afternoon with good friend Samantha to have a girls outing surrounded by paint of every color:) My chosen project theme was simple..."Choose Joy" with shades of turquoise blue. Life can be tough some days, and I wanted a reminder on my journey to find the happy in even the storms!

After choosing our preferred size of pallet project, nailing the boards together and sanding... we began by staining the wood before painting. Stain soaks in and dries quickly and acts as a "primer"...good thing to do unless your finished project is bright white.

I seriously need a workspace like this...a lovely messy space filled with glorious paint colors and no worry of ruining the flooring!

Stencil a section, blow dry...repeat over and over again...

Brittany chose an all over light grey stenciled pattern over a darker grey background, with a popping orange family to match her cute house:)

For my project background I dry brushed several layers of grey shades of paint, rubbing the wood with a cloth after each layer. Stenciling was next on the agenda. I just kept layering stencils with various shades of turquoise and mint green until I felt done:) That is my biggest creative challenge...calling it done!

The wall backdrop picture was a must! Brittany needed to leave to cater dinner for a Nellie's Cottage retreat while I stayed behind to help Danielle finish her Texas creation. Brittany's saying is perfect for a little family."Some call it chaos, we call it family!" Just wait till her 3 girls are teenagers...

Adding our sweet friend Samantha to our day was delightful:)

Danielle is my super loyal Texan! She chose a more complicated project which took a bit more time, but it became everyone's favorite. She stained the 2 pieces of Texas, painted the white backer boards, then stenciled the blue grey pattern for the Texas shape. A deep rose color was chosen for her saying "Deep in the heart of Texas"
Danielle thinks she isn't very crafty because she took a bit longer than the rest of us...I disagree:)
Like I tell my scrapbooking retreaters...this is a craft project not an English assignment!

What a fun team we made for creating, crafting, and visiting!
All you need is wood, paint and a few girls in your life for a joyful day:)

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