Sunday, February 28, 2016

Birds..a springtime paper crafting project!

Our winter had been super mild this year. This last week has really felt like the beginning of spring with the birds singing, bright green baby leaves appearing on the trees with gorgeous mild sunny days! Living in the tropical south and knowing what lies ahead in the brutally hot summer months makes one truly appreciate spring! I woke up with the birds singing right outside my bedroom window and was inspired to paper craft embossed birds for my mantle and a Facebook giveaway:) Scarlett showed up to "help" which is always a crafting adventure! She loves to turn the handle on my Fishers fuse, declaring that "I can do it myself!" After we had quite a few birds cut I took a few in the next room to take a picture. Scarlett went home and after a few minutes I realized the rest of my paper birds were missing! After telling her mommy "No" when asked to tell Grammie were the birds were...I resumed my search, eventually finding them stuffed in that green vase behind Scarlett! Like I said... a crafting adventure!  

I decided to mix up the birds and wings for a more fun and whimsical feel:)

After laying out the birds in the color order I liked best, 3M was added to each wing for dimension. I prefer 3M to pop dots because it can be cut to any size and can be bought in these giant rolls which last forever!

I traced the embossing lines with markers and then added this glossy accent. This medium is self leveling and adds a nice emphasis to detail.

There is something satisfying about lining up my creations in rows..hahah! Natural twine was adhered to the back of each bird with hot glue for a springtime mantle banner.

For a fresh springtime feel to the mantle, I added natural field flowers (silk) to my favorite urns. Whimsical birds found at Tuesday Morning were a fun addition and gave me the inspiration for this paper crafting project. I am especially happy to finally have a giant and updated family photo above my fireplace! The little gold carriage clock was a gift from Michael many years ago, is a permanent fixture on the mantle and has the sweetest chime:)

My "spring" couch is even sporting bird pillows! A black Friday JoAnn's find this fabric made me smile. I had pillow covers made to go over my fall pillows hiding inside. Since last count of the 55 or so decorative pillows living in my house, it was time to make some covers instead of buying more pillows:) When I asked my hubby if he liked the way I decorate his only complaint was "Do we have to have so many pillows on our bed?" Hahahahahah...pillows are a decorator's best friend!

Since I never measure anything:)...I had too many birds for my mantle which was a bonus for the kitchen! This blue open cabinet is a favorite piece to display seasonal and holiday decor and best of of my children and grandchildren!

Love the birds...I can almost hear them singing "Welcome Spring!"

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