Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Valentine door

I love front doors, the way you wonder what is inside, the message they unknowingly give about the people inside, and the pomp and circumstance of a holiday theme. I am having a dinner party for Valentines...
which calls for a "spruce up" of my front door surround. Honestly if I didn't have events occasionally I wonder if these "not necessary but fun decorative" projects would ever get done! In keeping with my mission of cleaning out and consolidating my craft & decorative hoard...I found a new use for a forgotten wreath from the 90's languishing in the attic:) A few styrofoam hearts wrapped with ribbon, and some glittery heart picks added just enough love to qualify for a Valentine's wreath. 

In addition to a wreath, adding silk ferns to my tall pedestal planters adds a touch of homeyness to my very long front porch. Silk plants help to keep mosquitos, and other un-welcome creatures away from the front door. They also survive without watering, and never leave dirt residue from plant watering by the win for a front porch. Large thick plant foam was cut to "fit" and then I added pea gravel on top to hopefully hold the plant in windy weather. Bugs don't like rock:)

A few bright petunias went in the landscaping just around the front stairs for color. I am ready for my dinner party!

Come on in and let the dinner party begin!

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