Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The 20 year Valentine dress:)

One of the joys of having little girls was making ruffly dresses :-) 
I learned to sew when I was 12, making most of my own clothing all through high school. The real fun in my seamstress career began with my little girls! Ruffles and petticoats were a favorite! A Valentine dress made for then 4 year old Danielle in 1996 has been stashed away waiting for a granddaughter! 

The eyelet ruffles were cute back then but looked dated so off they came. Normally I would have opened up the seems to take them out, but having lined the dress and topstitched every seam it was a daunting task, so... I took the lazy way and just cut the ruffles off as close as I could to the seam. This worked because I was putting a fun pom-pom trim on to update the dress which hides the cut edge.

Annabelle was given a choice between a pale pink frilly trim and the pom-poms...
she chose the pom-poms! I did sneak in a satin pleated trim on the waist:)

As with all projects I love to see the before and after!

Annabelle is a very feisty and capable five-year-old who loves pink, plain school, singing, and ballet. I'm thrilled and a tiny bit surprised she loves the dress, because she can be a bit stylishly edgy:-)

Along with before and after pictures of projects and re-do's, I love seeing side-by-side photos of my children and grandchildren, looking for those family genetic traits. It looks like Annabelle has a chin like Danielle, and that makes me happy :-) The possibility of this picture has been 20 years in the making...another sweet family history moment for the momma:)

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