Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine dinner party!

A Valentine dinner party was on my wish list for the new year! Not just any old dinner party but a catered dinner party by daughter Brittany, who caters for Nellie's Cottage. I have done a fair bit of entertaining with all of the stress that usually accompanies events...this was much more enjoyable:)
Annabelle was excited to dress up in her sparkly red dress and serve part of dinner! 

Brittany solicited help from Megan to help prepare and serve dinner. Choosing the menu was part of the planning fun...
White grape juice with fresh raspberries
Spinach salad with strawberries, pecans, feta cheese & red onion topped with poppyseed dressing
Garlic knot rolls
Grilled chicken over 4 cheese tortellini & alfredo sauce served with grilled asparagus

Annabelle has a very strong decorative opinion:) This red pashmina was draped over my couch until she covered the coffee table and arranged my Valentine scrapbooks:)

When I thought she wasn't looking I "scrunched" the pashmina under the scrapbooks...she was peaking around the corner and came right back "It needs to be perfect Grammie!"

I felt a bit lost in the moments before the dinner party while waiting for our friends to show up...normally I am frantically getting last minute details ready!  

Pre-dinner "drinks" made the dinner party feel official:)

All of our guests have been friends of mine since we were all teenagers:)

Monica & Benson 

Thomas & Melissa

This was my first year to decorate the mantle for Valentines!

Steve & Pam

Annabelle was thrilled to try on Melissa's "blingy" high heels...yikes!

Loved the look on Annabelle's face as she served the rolls!

The chicken was deliciously seasoned and moist, the tortellini with alfredo sauce creamy & satisfying, and the asparagus nicely grilled. 

Mississippi mud chocolate fondue for dipping strawberries, pineapple, apples, brownie bites, & pretzels capped off a lovely evening. 

Thank you Brittany for a perfect dinner party!

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