Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cherry Blossoms in the spring of England

These pictures of cherry blossoms in England have always been on my "must scrapbook" list! It was May of 1987 on one of our "over the ocean" treks to see Michael's family. This was a beautiful park and we were there at the perfect time! I do love flowering trees...especially pink ones! Our little ghetto camera didn't take very good pictures which cannot do justice to this marvelous creation of nature. Originally 3x5, I did print these 5x7, the biggest I could go with the lower quality of the original image. It is a constant temptation for me to re-print all of our old photos. In the interest of time that is not possible, however I do scan in or take a picture of old pictures for new projects. As an event and season scrapbooker these cherry blossom pictures simply had to go in my spring album as well as with our regular England trip scrapbook.

This picture (above) is proof that amid the chaos of raising little boys, surviving the grueling effects of Michael in med school, too much mac & cheese or tuna for dinner, and the regular scrounging through our ghetto car for dollar movie change....that we did have young romantic moments:) The funny thing is that one of my in-laws must have taken this picture? hahah!

Whether scrapbooking 4 or 34 pages of an event or season I employ my One Event/One Design method of scrapbooking which involves making embellishments in assembly line style. And how I love embellishments...especially flowers! The cricut flowers were just fine but I am not a "just fine" kind of girl:) As my youngest daughter said when she was around 8 when I asked her which trim she preferred I sew on her capri hem "Mom! Do you have to embellish everything?" The answer is a most decidedly YES!

The assembly line embellishment creation began with the picture above...
1. Cut blossoms on cricut
2. Run pink blossoms through sticker maker
3. Adhere blossoms to stem
Moving to the picture below...
4. Add tiny paper flowers by Prima to center of blossoms with Aleen's clear tacky glue (my favorite) 
5. Add 3M to the back of the entire blossom branch to add pop-up dimension on the page

Soooo, ignore the horrible 80's permed helmet hair, the full bluejean skirt, and completely pass over the matching socks and loafers....what was I thinking! We were poor students with no clothing budget. Hand-me downs from anyone was the norm and I didn't have my usual hot rollers to tame the frizz in England:) In a better light, that cute little blondie in front of me is second son Aaron who was a funny child prone to mischief...which seems more funny now:)

Oh how pictures of my children as little ones make me want to go back in time! Well okay, not really for very long:) Still, I am constantly amazed at the emotion I feel when scrolling through old photos. It seems to unlock a very tender part of my heart.

There is a tiny bit of glitter added to a few leaves and the Prima paper butterflies with glitter pens by Zig called "Wink of Stella", love these for small applications!

When scrapping pictures of England adding a crown is a must! Found these vintage crown tickets in one of my favorite shops in Utah called Dear Lizzy. The cherry wash tape above was a perfect addition. Sadly it came from a company called Glitz Design which is now gone:(

This darling little barely 3 year old is Keith, my first born. He was sweet, cute grown up and very obedient, he made me a mother:)

And there you have them...cherry blossoms in the spring of England 1987!

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