Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Me and my girl's weekend!

I had a dream come true this week with my first girl's weekend at Nellie's Cottage (only 6 years in businesses!) Those who own retreat cottages rarely retreat...a sad fact! Anyway... I am now a super happy momma after such a great weekend with my girls! I flew daughter's in law Rhiannon in from Utah and Janene in from Dallas Wednesday night when the fun began:)

Thursday we hit the town with lunch at Katherine's with the most amazing parmesan chicken & roasted pecan salad... ever!

Pedicures were next on the Thursday agenda at my favorite nail salon here in town. Interesting story...the owner is actually a chemical engineer & wife is an accountant. They are wonderful Vietnamese people who had careers in their own county. They came to this country so their children could have a better life.  

Creating was most certainly on the retreat list of "things to do"...
Everyone worked on something special...
I get the occasional call to nellie's Cottage inquiring is guests have to be scrapbookers to come....NO!!!

Danielle edited wedding pictures for me to finally get her album done...
it's been three years-yikes!

Janene created this foil canvas quote for Savannah's room, which by the way was a bear! First the letters were cut on the cricut (after trying out sizes), then they were run upside down through an adhesive machine, then they were run right side up through my new Minc (foil) machine for a rose gold finish, then...they were run back through the adhesive machine to lay on the canvas (which didn't work-not sticky enough) so......after all that each letter was hand glued with  Alene's clear tacky glue.....FINALLY success. This canvas is going in a scrolling frame:) 

Rhiannon made this fun accordion album for a trip to England with Keith. This was a meet the Welsh and English family trip. Classic British colors with chalkboard journaling accents and union jack flag wash tape made this a perfect display piece for their British themed family room.

I worked on my Easter album (which is the only holiday album up to date!) We had a lovely celebration last Easter with son-in-law Travis's family. They are all so kind and delightful, the perfect house guests...and they can sing! The "Tolman family choir" was a sweet addition to a very meaningful holiday. 

Holding together the home fort were 3 husbands with 3 children each in Utah, Dallas, and here at home caring for children so the girls could have a retreat! Travis brought 3 little blondies to see their mommy Brittany which made the other mommies miss their children...sort of...well for a tiny moment:)

Aunt Rhiannon had a lovely snuggle (that's Welsh for holding a baby!) with Madeline.

Sooo... I don't think Nellie's Cottage retreaters usually do a serious workout in the morning:) These girls are dedicated fitness gurus with a summer cruise and swimsuits on their mind! Oh to be young and super motivated again...hahaha

Creating is the best kind of messy:) I gave the girls "smash books" for journaling simple writing prompts and decorating or not decorating to their hearts content. Smash books are fun partially decorated page journals/scrapbooks by K& CO. My hope was that they spend a few moments within themselves, renewing their sense of self, and hopefully feeling successful and happy with their life. In the midst of raising little ones, education, business building by them and their hubbies...these few minutes of self reflection was hopefully a gift.

My title page...

Pinterest is a good source for writing prompts. I kept it simple for this occasion:)

I chose a 12x12 journal to tell my current "story"

Janene has a clean, classic style that is all about gold right now:)

Rhiannon found a great quote for the front of her classy pink & gold smash book."Memories are the tender threads of the heart"...I need to do this quote on canvas for the cottage!

Saturday morning before the girls headed back home, we had a treat from Mr. Nellie's Cottage (aka hubby & dad) of English crepes complete with a perfect pan flip:) Fresh lemon & sugar with fresh raspberries or Nutella with fresh strawberries...both were delicious! I first had Nutella in 1984 on my first trip to England. It was such a rare treat back my Michael has a constant jar on his chocolate shelf (yes he has a chocolate shelf) for his daily English muffin and any other things he needs more chocolate on:)

Hugs all around for the beloved dad, pops, and sweet father...the family hero. I love that they love and adore him:) He has a really soft sweet spot for daughters and granddaughters!

I seriously need and want to have a girl's week at least once a year. We laughed, bonded, created, relaxed, and made some more happy memories at Nellie's Cottage! Love these girls...they are unique, talented and individuals who teach and inspire me. Technically I am the more "adultier" adult here, however I will always be grateful for the new ideas, excitement and love of life these gorgeous girls give to I said in the beginning of this post...
 I am one happy momma:)

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