Friday, June 24, 2016

A new porch for Flossy's!

I do love a good renovation! Any kind of re-do or make-over just makes me happy! Flossy's is now sporting a new roof as well as a new front porch, which every southerner knows is the best accessory for a cottage! 
Thanks to all of my retreaters for making this a possibility through your patronage:)
Flossy's was built in 1945 for Nellie's sister Flossy and family. I actually owned this cottage before I bought Nellie's. It was a rent house for 6 years before we did our first reno and made it part of Nellie's Cottage.
Flossy's is our sleeping cottage right next door to Nellie's and boasts 5 bedrooms with 16 beds, a full kitchen, and 2 full baths. Retreat groups that sleep at Flossy's have my largest room Kimberly's for project space. 

The before...I do love the after more... don't you?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Wearing my school board hat in San Antonio

   One of the hats I have been wearing for 5 years is that of a VISD School Board Trustee. A fun and education event we attend is the Summer Leadership Institute in San Antonio. I knew very little about school boards before I was elected. It is a volunteer pay! Seven members serve for 3 year terms with no limit on how many times one can run for re-election. Our local record for service is the wonderful Mr. Croak who served 27 years!
    The first time I ran for office, it was quite unsettling to see campaign signs around town with my picture staring back at me! Serving locally and attending these conferences keep my faith in humanity alive, seeing the multitudes of good people who want the best for children, education, communities, and the nation! My favorite classes are usually the ones about community involvement in our schools, creating strong families, and learning how to navigate and use social media for the benefit of schools.
The picture below includes five members of our board and our Superintendent (far left). The other two members are also women...thank goodness:)

The San Antonio Riverwalk is one of our favorite places in Texas! We never grow tired of the meandering sidewalks, unexpected fountains, and lush landscape. Michael and I especially enjoy the Riverwalk at Christmas time with millions of twinkling lights in the trees along the river. The perfect and romantic anniversary trip for people not smart enough to avoid a Christmas time wedding:)

   We obviously couldn't resist this chocolate shop! Michael takes ages and ages to choose his chocolate...a dark chocolate lemon bluberry truffle, and a dark toffee truffle. I love milk chocolate macadamia bear claws:) The cost was exorbitant but the taste was heavenly!

   One of the perks of attending this conference is a fabulous dinner at the top of the Tower of the Americas hosted by our school law firm. Caesar salad, citrus fried shrimp, tortilla crusted snapper, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and cheesecake delighted my taste buds:)
    I have a vague memory of being here as an 4 1/2 year old child with my parents at the World's HemisFair in 1968. This was a 6 month celebration of the 250th anniversary of San Antonio, the only worlds fair that year hosting 6.4 million visitors...we just don't do small in Texas:)

Thank you Summer Leadership Institute for once again inspiring me to make a difference in my community... and thank you San Antonio for reminding me of why I love Texas with all of my heart!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Blueberry picking with the mini mob:)

Just when I thought our yearly blueberry picking tradition was getting predictable we had quite the adventure! One would think we wouldn't have high hopes for success with 6 children under the age of 5 in tow:) We had the most adults with buckets on the blueberry rows we have ever had and yet picked the least amount of berries in 5 years! 

Hindsight teaches us what we should have known...assign each adult one child. Instead we had mini mobs free range roaming, berries from buckets dumped in puddles, and the worst...a frantic and heart stopping search for our one grandson, two year old Ethan who apparently has the same "do his own thing, runaway without looking back, disappear under your nose parental nightmare" talent just like his dad.  

Ethan was found crying past the last row of blueberry bushes stuck in a bog by his mommy and the blueberry farmer. We were so incredibly grateful to find him safe especially since his dad had been racing around the big ponds on the farm fearing the worst. Whew.......
Quite the adventure we were NOT seeking! 
We packed up the mob and left the blueberries in peace:)

My One Event/One Design scrapbook style can be seen with the pages from this year's blueberry adventure:)