Friday, June 24, 2016

A new porch for Flossy's!

I do love a good renovation! Any kind of re-do or make-over just makes me happy! Flossy's is now sporting a new roof as well as a new front porch, which every southerner knows is the best accessory for a cottage! 
Thanks to all of my retreaters for making this a possibility through your patronage:)
Flossy's was built in 1945 for Nellie's sister Flossy and family. I actually owned this cottage before I bought Nellie's. It was a rent house for 6 years before we did our first reno and made it part of Nellie's Cottage.
Flossy's is our sleeping cottage right next door to Nellie's and boasts 5 bedrooms with 16 beds, a full kitchen, and 2 full baths. Retreat groups that sleep at Flossy's have my largest room Kimberly's for project space. 

The before...I do love the after more... don't you?

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