Monday, June 6, 2016

Blueberry picking with the mini mob:)

Just when I thought our yearly blueberry picking tradition was getting predictable we had quite the adventure! One would think we wouldn't have high hopes for success with 6 children under the age of 5 in tow:) We had the most adults with buckets on the blueberry rows we have ever had and yet picked the least amount of berries in 5 years! 

Hindsight teaches us what we should have known...assign each adult one child. Instead we had mini mobs free range roaming, berries from buckets dumped in puddles, and the worst...a frantic and heart stopping search for our one grandson, two year old Ethan who apparently has the same "do his own thing, runaway without looking back, disappear under your nose parental nightmare" talent just like his dad.  

Ethan was found crying past the last row of blueberry bushes stuck in a bog by his mommy and the blueberry farmer. We were so incredibly grateful to find him safe especially since his dad had been racing around the big ponds on the farm fearing the worst. Whew.......
Quite the adventure we were NOT seeking! 
We packed up the mob and left the blueberries in peace:)

My One Event/One Design scrapbook style can be seen with the pages from this year's blueberry adventure:)

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  1. Definitely our biggest/craziest adventure yet at the blueberry farm!!