Monday, July 11, 2016

Apple turnovers in wellies

Baking is in the family blood:) I occasionally find myself defending my cooking skills or rather my unwillingness to make cooking a priority. I DID cook everyday, most times twice a day when my children were growing up, but now find it tedious to come up with meals for 2 every day;-} If I really look back on my life it becomes clear that I never really loved to cook food, but rather LOVED to bake! This love of baking is showing up in my grandchildren and I am thrilled with their giggles and grins in the baking arena. Savannah is an especially happy girl and her mommy reported giggling all the way through this baking adventure wearing her wellies (that's British for rain boots) and a ruffly monogramed apron from Nannie (my mom). We love to bake so much that this layout becomes the first in my latest album idea... "Baking with the Crossley's"

Savannah's pink apron was the obvious inspiration for this layout design with circut design space providing the image for these cute aprons. I have a stash of "baking" paper and embellishments, but really can't resist those crochet hearts! The word delightful is perfect description of this little cutie:)

p.s. The apple turnover recipe is here on this adorable site "oh so delicioso" which has Savannah's Aunt Stephanie as a contributer.



  1. To cute !!! Baking is a lost art.... I'm teaching my godchild the art of baking and we are working on a quilt for her daughter together.... ... Barbara LaJaunie

  2. Precious memories she will keep in her heart forever!