Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th...celebrate freedom!

It's a day we all look forward to, a day of parties, trips to the lake, hamburgers on the grill, parades, and flags flying everywhere. It sometimes seem we take for granted the real reason for this holiday, the day we declared when our independence from England. I read an article this year of a family who has a tradition of reading the constitution each year. Imagine the gratitude and patriotism that would abound in this country if each family followed suit. Our family has an additional reason to love July 4th because that is the day my mother Martha Grace made her debut on earth. We think of her as a firecracker:) There is no talent she doesn't possess and no mountain too high to climb for this amazing woman. Gatherings at her home on the lake for the 4th of July are some of our favorite family memories!
Lake Livingston
Younger sister Mitzi, my 73 year "young" mom and me...all in blue without a consultation:)

Triple berry pie from me, mom's birthday favorite
Mitzi made mom triple berry pies too..again no family consultaion!

Pie eating, hammer grilling, spike ball, relaxing, jet skiing, laughing, and just being together in the greatest nation on the earth is what makes this a great day!

Keith, Travis, Jonathan & Danielle are trying to master the new favorite family game, spike ball
Thor, Danielle's 6 month old great dane doesn't understand why Nannie (my mom)
doesn't invite him in the house:)

Madeline Madeline is usually the center of attention...who can resist a baby?

My baby brother Mark and wife Elizabeth are two of the most service giving people I know!

My two sweet daughters Brittany & Danielle & granddaughter Madeline

I will always wonder what what was said between Katri and Nannie (my mom) to make them laugh so hilariously:)

Pictures of Michael's face filled with joy around grandchildren are my favorite!

My son in law Travis loves to tease Nannie:)

May we choose wisely our leaders that this country will remain a bastion of freedom that our families can live in peace, security and happiness. And may we always remember those that have given their lives for this very privilege... 

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