Friday, July 29, 2016

Madeline's ladybug birthday!

This first birthday was such a fun day with a happy baby... a celebration of life itself! Life is worth celebrating, family is worth celebrating, and most of all grandchildren are worth celebrating:)

A photo shoot and cake smash came first on the birthday list. It was quite the production with costume & set design, custom cake to destroy, photographer, videographer and support staff to "make the baby look and smile" daughter Danielle made the comment that only in America would we go to this much effort for a baby to smash a birthday cake!

Sisters Annabelle & Scarlett joined Madeline for a few icing licks but she ceased to be in a sharing mood with Scarlett in the second picture below...hahaha

Next on the birthday agenda was a simple poolside picnic party with a few close family friends. Thankfully we have learned to pare down the party prep aiming for just enough to have one concentrated spot for pictures. After all children really don't's all for the mommys:)

Madeline didn't need any prompting tearing into the presents. The highlights were a book from friends and a plastic penguin that can be stuffed with "coins"....Grammie has learned it's the little inexpensive presents that garner the most smiles!

The best part of this cute birthday party was Madeline's instant and beaming smile when we started singing Happy Birthday! She really caught the vision that this whole celebration was for her:) We were celebrating her in every way. She is a super smiley happy baby who brings joy to all who chance to see that adorable face! 

Having just experienced her glorious cake smash, tasting chocolate and icing for the first time...Madeline couldn't wait to dive into a birthday cupcake! I love the way this picture captured her bright blue eyes which she inherited from her Welsh/English great grandmother June.

And that's how we celebrated our granddaughter Madeline's first is good:)

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