Sunday, August 7, 2016

Birthday board in floral decoupage

What did we do before Pinterest? Well...we cut pictures out of magazines and put them on bulletin boards...hahaha!  Brittany found a great idea for a family birthday board, the perfect gift for her mother-in-law's birthday! This is Sheri...mother of 9, mother-in-law to 3 (soon to be 4), grandmother to 9, and I dare say...many more to come:) She loved her birthday board, and we loved making it:)

Michael is our in-house handy guy, willing to be our point man on creative wooden projects. He builds it, we decorate it!

Anna Griffin is my favorite designer for beautiful floral embellishments. This kit boasts a wide variety of realistic looking flowers on sturdy card stock, ready to punch out, and decoupage! 

After cutting out "Tolman Birthdays" in black vinyl to fill the board, the flowers were layered on the edges, tweaked over and over again until that magical moment when I liked the look, however I did decide to wait until morning to fully commit with Mod-podge:)

I took a picture of the floral embellishment arrangement before taking them off the board to then, layer and Mod-Podge one by one. Three thin layers of Mod Podge were brushed over the entire board (yes vinyl letters), allowing for dry time between layers.

Brittany found the wooden circles at Hobby Lobby, recruited Travis to drill tiny holes in each one, and then requested my handwriting for the names and birthdates with an ultra thin black Sharpie. I had the chipboard tags from Target in my stash which became the month labels, written in a regular thin black Sharpie.

Did you notice that November and December have no birthdays in this family? Bet it won't stay that way:)
Since this board had a 1500 mile journey from Texas to Utah in a fully packed car with 3 little blond munchkins, Brittany wisely took the tags off and stored them safely in a baggie... no thanks for Madeline who very recently has become a champion mess maker!

I am happy to report that the birthday board survived the trip and made this mother smile:)

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