Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Georgia here we come!

Our last summertime big adventure was moving our youngest daughter Danielle and hubby Jonathan to Georgia for grad school. Such an adventure can be stressful...I call it "marriage moving mode", the state of being tired, frustrated and very easily annoyed with the love of your life:) Lucky for these guys, they are still in the "just post collage we don't much stuff category"... packing and moving can get much worse! Trust me we have moved 12 times:-}

My loyal little Texan is taking a bit of home in art form to hang on her wall in Georgia. She created this at a local project venue where we had a fun girl's day.

Thor contributed to the move by digging for bugs and tearing up boxes..it's a dogs life:) He is only 5 months old! By the way...I am claiming the mother in law of the year award for allowing this monstrosity to live in my house all summer. Danielle had her husband call me knowing that it would be harder to say no to a son-in-law....not fair!

 We had a moving truck and two cars in our moving caravan and a dozen hours on the road with a "lovely" night in a 2 star hotel. Having an over size puppy severely limits your accommodations options!

We arrived, unpacked, set up, put away and then....saw a bit of Georgia!
Helen, Georgia is a beautiful little town that reinvented itself in the image of a charming Bavarian town. Yes, it's a tourist trap but at least it is an adorable tourist trap:)

Trip advisor advised Danielle to try this German bakery. We did enjoy the cultural experience but decided that the pastries at Chatwins in England triumphed...of course this has absolutely nothing to do with Michael being British or the fact that our family is hopelessly addicted to chocolate in all forms!

A lazy float down the "river" would have been a lovely way to spend a afternoon, however Thor the Great Dane puppy was in tow. Puppies are like babies...everything revolves around them:-}

My point above is proven by the picture below taken on our hour long ride home. Thor thinks he is a person and he is clearly in love with Michael...haha:)

Eager to get to the decorating part of this process, I was the unpopular unpacking slave driver! The whole reason Danielle needed me to come was to help her decorate, and that could not be done until the mess is cleared, right? Another beauty of the "post college don't have much stuff" mode is limited decor, which consisted of wedding gifts, and hand-me-downs from mom's attic. I came, I unpacked, I decorated...and the best spot in their small apartment (made tiny by the extra large dog) is this view of brightly colored poppies, pillows, a pretty dog, redheaded son-in-law and my beautiful daughter....DONE!

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