Saturday, September 24, 2016

An old planter and a spectacular fall porch

Welcome to a southeast Texas fall front porch! 

This slightly over the top seasonal display began with a wreath created from what I call the "faux flower hoard wreath making project"...which is me creating seasonal wreaths for Nellie's Cottage & my home from the boxes, and boxes, and boxes of faux flowers collected from events and seasons over the last 20 years. Creative people have a tendency to hoard a teeny bit...all be it is usually highly organized:)

Still not sure if I wanted to go "all out" for my fall porch,
I went to Walmart for spray paint, saw the chrysanthemums out of the corner of my eye....and was toast:) After a trip to Home Depot for pots, and another trip to Walmart, my fall flower "need" was satisfied. Rounded up a few more containers from the pool patio, added a few pumpkins, these metal corn stalks and Viola...a spectacular ballad to autumn! 

This "grape" cement planter above has been around since the 90's (I was obsessed with grapes!) It has been cream, copper, rose gold, and black. The paint was so bad that it had been banished to the "garden tool corner" behind a tree. My plan was to spray it black again but as the hose washed a few more spots of paint away it captured my "object lesson" loving heart. I reflected that life is much like this pot. About how the years of experiences, joys, sorrows, & lessons are much like layers of paint. Life beats us up a bit, the "paint" peels but the effect is a beautifully distressed container with character and charm. Perfectly painted new pots aren't nearly as interesting, as with perfectly painted people. I worry about the effect social media pictures are having on our image of real life. I wonder if we are losing some of our character with the flow of perfect images parading before our eyes. My favorite pictures of people are the "out-takes", the real expressions and quirky poses:) Newly painted things are best paired with distressed objects...kind of like grandchildren pair perfectly with grandparents! it occurred to me that I like being the distressed planter. It's more comfy to stop the relentless race to be prefect at everything. I am more merciful to myself and others which makes me softer and more loving with lots of peeling paint:)
And yes, I got all of this from a peeling old planter!

Love fall, love my blue door, love chrysanthemums, pumpkins and beat up old planters!

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