Sunday, September 18, 2016

Georgia with my girl

Georgia is on my mind these days since Danielle & Jonathan moved there for grad school the end of July. Danielle invited me back for a visit while Jonathan went to a friend's wedding out of state. I teased her about coming to babysit:) It was a glorious girl's weekend with my girl. Athens has a charming & eclectic downtown with the kind of shops you usually find close to a university. There were lots of mother & daughter duos shopping...well the daughter's were shopping the mother's were waiting and paying.....why is that?

The Athens farmer's market was on the Saturday morning agenda. Quirky vendors with handmade everything and homegrown small farm shops filled the space with local musicians providing a festive atmosphere!

I was the most excited about the peach soap, ancient grain bread, and this beautiful handmade pottery platter. 

Proud Texan Danielle made quite the statement at this Georgia market with her cowboy boots, & Texas necklace!

After the farmer's market I had my very first shopping experience at Trader Joe's. I had heard family members rave about this fabled grocery store but I thought such accolades about a mere grocery store were silly! Not so...I was so impressed and in love with this store that the manager actually gave me flowers to celebrate my first visit:) I was in awe of the interesting variety on each shelf and isle...and I hate grocery shopping! 

As part of my visit I actually "babysat" Thor the Great Dane who is only 8 months old...can he get any bigger? Yes he can and will. He is a sweet giant puppy who is treated like a baby by his doting "parents"...

These were the prettiest sunflowers I have ever seen! Straight from the farm to Danielle's table...I can't appreciate the beauty of the earth in a more real way:)

Church on Sunday is our best family practice & "tradition" keeps our family grounded and headed in the right direction. It was nice to sit with my sweet girl on a beautiful sabbath!

And just like that my visit was over and back to reality...time to plan my next trip to Georgia!

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