Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rose gold metallic & glittery leaves, a fall banner

It should have been enough...the flowers, the pumpkins, the candlesticks, and jute bullion trim...but it wasn't. I have never been accused of being a minimalist:) If an idea sparks in my head I usually find a way to make it happen! Lovely chipboard leaves were lurking in my craft closet hoping for a new it is, a final (I promise) addition to my fall mantle, a shiny and glittery ode to fall thanks to Mod Podge, glitter, rose gold foil and my Heidi Swapp Minc machine.

The glittery leaves were a late Friday night project as the hubby watched "Captain Phillips", an intense movie involving Somali pirates, and Navy Seals...not the most relaxing movie! I countered the stressful effects by gleefully glittering leaves with 5 different colors of Martha Stewart glitter...which is the best glitter on the planet! Mod Podge was put on a leaf with a sponge. One color of glitter was added randomly to 1 section of the leaf at a time. Having 5 separate trays to catch each color of glitter is very helpful! 

The leaves were sprayed with a sealer coat of clear acrylic. I find this especially helpful with decorative saves the house from glitter!

Making metallic leaves was my reward for a long day of bills & bak statements (I loathe paper work!) Each leaf was run through the Xyron machine which covered the entire surface of the leaf with sticky adhesive.

Rose gold foil was laid on top (right side up) of the sticky (adhesive) side of the leaf. The leaf was put in the plastic folder (for mic machine) and run through twice for good measure:) 

The foil was then carefully pulled away from the leaf. I was excited about the lovely distressed lines, perfect for this project!

I cut a piece of twine exactly the length of my mantle to lay the leaves out for spacing, alternating metallic and glitter. A second piece of twine was cut about a foot longer than the first piece (to tape on mantle) and both pieces were then hot glued to the back of the leaves.

Now and finally... I think this mantle is completely decorated for fall:) Enough is enough, right?

Happy glittery metallic fall:)