Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The rehabilitation of a brass candlestick

I simply cannot part with anything decorative...therefore I paint everything! Brass was the best thing on earth in the 90's...I know because that is when I built my house! Now 20 years later I am painfully changing out fixtures and knobs when they break or when I can sneak it past the thrifty British "what's wrong with what we have" hubby! So in a creative effort to be a good wifey, I re-do most decorative items from a bygone era...like this candlestick!

The re-do began with a brushed on coat of metallic rub in smokey blue from Inka.

Next I thought a creamy cackle finish was just the ticket but did not account for the fact that this crackle paint had lost it's crackle:-}

I then decided to sand off most the creamy paint hoping to see a fair amount of the blue...but quickly discovered that the so called crackle paint was tenacious in it's application.

Since I am a firm believer that any foiled re-do can be saved, I now "rubbed" on another layer of the blue metallic paint with a cloth (plastic gloves essential)...
viola...a newly rehabilitated brass candlestick perfect for my fall mantle!

I feel quite pleased to have saved the world from one slightly obnoxious brass candlestick!

p.s. One thing to note is the difference in color form the candlestick to the pumpkin because I used the same blue metallic rub over different colors!

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