Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Thoughts from the plane

I was tired, not just any old tired but the kind of "deep in your bones but happy I did it" tired from baby-sitting the mini Crossley mob for 5 days which is a whole other story to be told!

Home was a couple of hours away and I was waiting in the plane on the tarmac for more than a few minutes. Most of the time this type of waiting involves a bit of impatience, but not today.

I began watching and really observing what was going on outside my little world of waiting. There was a hive of activity out there... people coming and going, driving and loading, checking engines and fueling planes. I have been feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed with the politics and challenges of our country but in this moment it occurred to me that we, the average, regular Americans make life work every single day. That thought gave me comfort. All of these airport workers weren't just doing their job, they were helping me get home safely to Michael. They do this every day with an average wage, in heat and cold, storm and sunshine. This is the America I love, each of us doing our job, making life better for all of us.
I submit that humanity is mostly still good. I watched a luggage handler set aside a bag as he was loading the others. The cynic in me thought "I wonder if he is stealing that bag" but he carried that bag back to the now disconnected terminal bridge, called someone on his phone, got a tag, put it on the bag and walked that bag back to the airplane loading it just before the plane taxied away. Someone needed that bag and this man went the extra mile to make sure it got to it's destination. Faith in humanity restored!
This taught me a lesson. We would do well to take our noses out of those "smart devices" and do more observing, more interacting, and more learning to be thoughtful, grateful and therefore smart:) Airplane workers...I love you, respect you and am profoundly grateful that you do your job the best you can so I can visit and get home to those I love....

And I just thought I was taking an ordinary plane ride home:)

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