Friday, October 7, 2016

Nellie's autumn window boxes

Autumn has come to the window boxes at Nellie's Cottage! It was time...the pansies had their day in our outdoors:) Autumn is such a beautiful season in many parts of the country. Here in southeast Texas with our every dominating pine trees...not so much. Never fear, faux flowers are easily available to create our own pseudo fall! I decided to try an experiment this time with Dollar tree flowers instead of the "real deal" at my usual fabulous floral supplier. My theory to be tried is this...Do the more expensive flowers last longer in our famous Texas weather? I'll let you how it turns out.
Creamy yellow golds and muted oranges create such a beautiful ambience against the colors of my cottages, especially paired with the blue doors in different shades!
Enjoy the window box tour...

Nellie's Cottage

Flossy's Cottage

Happy Fall Ya'll:)

p.s. I normally don't use filters on my pictures, but tried the transfer filter on these pics just for fun:)

p.p.s. my sweet handy hubby built these window boxes in January 2015 for our
Nellie's Cottage 5 year anniversary celebration! Links to those posts below...

Window box charm

Celebrate 5 years!

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