Monday, October 10, 2016

Nellie's Cottage on the morning show!

I got a surprise phone call last week asking if I could be on a local TV morning show for Nellie's Cottage in 2 days. Talk about panic! I immediately called Mari, my right hand girl and we went into high gear to get the cottage "company ready"...which is different from retreat ready:) There were 3 different segments, each an hour apart, and about 4 minutes long. Live TV is a bit scary:) In the the first segment I was a bit too talkative, the second one went better, and the 3rd? Well.....I forgot to turn off my mic while the reporter was still on camera and you can hear me whispering in the background! At least I was just whispering...yikes!

My novice TV skills notwithstanding, Nellie's Cottage is a most charming retreat venue, perfect for your next girl's weekend, crafting retreat, or women's business conference!

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