Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wooden trough boxes

It's amazing what a few pieces of wood, nails and a hammer can become! It becomes more than a box, but rather the "good bones" of potential, with unlimited possibilities of purpose both practical and fancy! This is my box story...

I serve in the presidency of our women's local church group called Relief Society which has 6 million members in over 170 countries and territories worldwide:) It is one of the oldest and largest organizations of women in the world! One of the fun things we do is an enrichment night each month with a great variety of activities.  
My sweet hubby has become quite a master wood worker so I recruited him to cut out the pieces for 30 wooden trough boxes...I know he's a gem!!

These boxes can be any length you desire...mine is actually 4 foot long because it was originally for a scrapbooking booth which was 4 foot.
For this particular activity and 30 boxes, Michael calculated the best use of materials, bought 6' boards and cut them in the following measurements (so you will have 2 boxes if you do this at home)
1 1x6 cut to 31 5/8 inches
2 1x4s cut to 31 5/8 inches
2 1x6s cut to 4 1/4 inches
We used light brown 1 5/8" panel nails

And just like that we have a simple box that I will describe again as "good bones" of potential, with unlimited possibilities of purpose both practical and fancy:)

Not only did Michael buy the wood, cut the wood, sand the wood, load the wood...he also came to our enrichment night to help us conquer the wood! He is so easy to thank...chocolate and a kiss works every time:)

There was a fun flurry of hammering boxes and painting mason jars to go in the boxes. Women from all walks of life and circumstance come together for these activities. It's an opportunity to foster friendship with those who may not ordinarily be in your "circle"...a meeting of minds, hearts, and crafting hands:)

You don't have to be picky when it comes to paint for these types of projects. I use any paint I have on hand. The jars are for decorative use only and will be protected in the box so no need for primer and special paint:) Two light coats is always best for full coverage.

Sometimes we even have the occasional family member tag along:) Don't you love sons who help moms craft!

This mountain of jars was given to me by my 90 year old Aunt Betty (Nellie's daughter) who had quite the jar collection in her attic. She was a prolific canner in her day, as was Nellie's and all of her daughters...my mom included..I know because I had to help:) Anyway these particular jars are not real mason jars but rather mayonnaise jars. I love the thriftiness of the older generation...we should learn a few things from them! The jars are almost identical in size and when they are going in a box you won't miss the mason jar logo. So ask the older ladies of your neighborhood...they just may have an attic stash to share:)

I am happy to report that no fingers were maimed during the picture taking of this activity:)

Young and old and everyone in between loved this activity...now to think of another project!

Behold my autumn table and wooden box display! I'm going to say it one more time...these boxes are the "good bones" of potential, and unlimited possibilities for purposes both practical and fancy! I tend to lean on the fancy side:)
Let's go make a box!

p.s. You may enjoy my mason jar painting post for the box above:)

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