Sunday, December 11, 2016

Glitter mugs and a silent night

I had some glittery crafting time with my friend Wendy this week! We serve in our ladies church group and wanted to give them something handmade for Christmas. As often happens with first time craft projects there were a few bumps alongs the way:) 
The saying Wendy found on Pinterest was "All mama wants is a silent night" which is fun, but not applicable to all of our ladies, so we penned "I'm dreaming of a silent night"....and oh how true this is...right? Christmas can be a stressful time as we, the women in the world make Christmas happen! Shopping, wrapping, cooking, entertaining, cleaning, baking, gift giving, card making, gathering family...this list is endless! I submit that we probably all need a bit of chill time with a cup of hot chocolate in a silent living room under the Christmas lights twinkling in the dark! 
It took me years to realize I could scale back on Christmas, that the real meaning of Christmas needed to triumph over the frantic race for the perfect gift, beautifully decorated tree or flawless party. I learned the hard way that my stress affected the Christmas spirit in our home and no presents, ornaments, or even baked goodies could bring back a merry mood if I was out of sorts. 
Our family holiday has less presents and more activities these days, which has put more merry and more meaning into our Christmas celebration!

Project materials-
Mugs (large from Target, small from Dollar Tree)
Sharpie marker-new (We tried paint pens first...not good!)
Painters tape (would be easier than masking tape!)
Martha Stewart glitter (no other glitter can compare)
Martha Stewart mod-lodge (durable for the dishwasher)

1. Clean the mug with alcohol.
2. Write your preferred saying or name on the cup 
    with a Sharpie. 
3. Bake for 30 min at 350*
4. Cool completely
5. Tape a line on the cup.
6. Brush Mod-podge in the area below the tape line
    and sprinkle generously with glitter
6. Remove the tape immediately and let dry overnight
7. Gently brush the extra glitter off (which we didn't do for the pictures!)
8. Mod-podge a second layer over the glitter area and let dry overnight
9. Let glitter cure for 28 days BEFORE using in the dishwasher

***Glitter is NOT microwavable EVER!

This was such a fun project and could be tweaked with different ceramic wear, glitter, and colored sharpies. I can see a project with the grandchildren happening soon...will let you know how that shakes down:)

Silent nights don't happen by accident....
So....make your list but check it more than twice to see what can be toned down, scaled back or even ...gasp...eliminated from the list. A baby who would save mankind was born in a mean and lowly stable. I often wonder what He thinks of our over the top holiday trappings. "I'm dreaming of a silent night" takes on more significance when we contemplate the actual silent night, when Christ was born.

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