Friday, December 23, 2016

Poppy and the dinosaurs, a Christmas gift drama

I had the best of intentions, really I did... in buying 5 adorable Poppy dolls for the granddaughters, and a giant cuddly dinosaur for Ethan. It didn't quite turn out that way.
Here's the story...

We sat the children down with eyes theory:) 
I laid a Poppy doll and the dinosaur on laps 
and happy chaos erupted! 

At first Scarlett was excited about her Poppy doll, until she saw Ethan's dinosaur. It was then she changed her mind.
I watched the video in slow motion and experienced this 3 year old's tragic emotional journey in just a few seconds. 
This screen shot of a dejected Scarlett with 
her head down is so funny and sad:) 

"Graaaammie I don't waaaaaant a dinosaaauuuur"

Scarlett found comfort with Mommy while Grammie 
& her daddy tried to come up with a solution to 
her Christmas gift woes.

Meanwhile the other children were roaring, and 
smiling, and dancing around with joy!

Christmas shopping this year involved a few late nights on Amazon with every thing shipped directly to Keith's house. As usual a few extra things were ordered to cover emergencies which was especially fortunate today! 
I had ordered a set of dinosaurs for Ethan, but then 
found his daddy's childhood dinosaurs in my attic. Travis showed Scarlett a picture of the plastic set we had, and a soft blue one we could order.
Happily for our Christmas family peace she chose the set we had, and as you can see, she was pleased as punch. 

In the moment of Scarlett's renewed happiness we had a tearful drama with Ethan who now wanted Scarlett's dinosaurs...hahahaha

We were pleased to have another family Christmas tragedy averted with Scarlett's usually generous and sweet sharing nature. She and Ethan are usually buddies and as we 
now know, share a love of dinosaurs!

Hallelujah....the happy angels are singing again, peace on earth is restored in the Crossly household least until the next gift opening round:)

Merry Pink Princess Poppy & giant dinosaur Christmas to all!

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