Thursday, December 29, 2016

Retreat savings for 2017!

Occasionally I have an inquiry that goes something like this...
"Do I have to scrapbook or quilt to come to Nellie's Cottage?"
To which I reply..."No mam, you can come and do absolutely nothing if you'd like. Nellie's Cottage is a place for women to  escape, relax and do what ever they would like to do, or not do! I have groups of scrapbookers & quilters that will have one girl that watches movies, or reads, or naps away her glorious time away!"
We are beginning our 7th year with hope for another great year accommodating many lovely ladies in their quest for creative, or "do nothing" peace:)

See my tabs above, right below the picture of Nellie's Cottage, for calendar, pictures, and information.

Happy New Year!

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